taken during the KCSTour June11-12 2011
    Carol Taylor
    I am reading   ...
    It's been a hectic, busy six months so I have assorted books
    that I can read calmly
     for a few minutes at a time, in different spots in our house.
     Growing Pains, an autobiography of Emily Carr is upstairs,
     one of the Outlander books is in the downstair bathroom
    and I'm reading Mr Hazens's 
    Get Yerself a Shin O”heat: the Irish Collection to Gerry at night
    as he shaves. AND Kathy just dropped off Tracy Chevalier's
     Remarkable Creatures.
    Someone who makes me laugh is ...my husband,
     not always at appropriate times
    At home I cook ...basic stuff...depends on who is home,
    chili with cornbread on top is on the menu now that David and his
    family has returned from Calgary.
    My first job was ...  folding very hot sheets off the mangler
     with Mrs Forward in the Sussex Laundry.
    A person I admire is ...anyone who speaks easily in public
    My secret skill is ...keeping secrets
    I aspire to ...enjoy every day
    The best invention ever is ...deadlines, as in newspaper deadlines...or commitment deadlines 
    My favourite toy as a child was ... my brother Jim's building set he received from Santa.
     It had a little green platform, metal rods and red bricks, white windows, doors, etc. I loved it.
    The best part of what I do for a living is ...making my art ideas become a reality
    I wish I had ...our bathroom reno finished
    My favourite vacation spot is ...currently,wherever my grandchildren are;
     once, New York would have topped the list.
    If I could invite three people to dinner, alive or dead, they would be .. my grandmother...
    because it would be nice to see her and as we get older it's always nice to have 
    family questions answered......
    maybe who ever thought placing sand under pavement was a great idea, that could lead 
    to a lively discussion.. oh, and whoever takes responsibility for strawberry worms.... 
    If I could have a super power, it would be ... to fly gracefully
    My favourite thing about the Kennebecasis Valley is ...it has everything I need....almost

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