Tangled Taylors

– the unravelling continues.

Well, I think I’ve proven my first Taylor connection using DNA (and possibly disproved one). In my Taylors there are a few matches that were pointed to a John W. Taylor. He and his family were next to my great great grandparents, David A. and Emily (Cole) Taylor, in the 1861 census. I have always suspected this was a brother but had no proof. There are at least 3 and possibly 4 different origin Taylor families in the four surrounding parishes. There is a tangle of Taylors.

To make things worse, I found out that a couple of these DNA cousins were of children of John W’s second marriage to Susannah Cole who is either a cousin or a sister to Emily Cole. So it is within the realm of possibility these connections may have just been Cole and Taylor is a red-herring.

Then, through the wonderfulness of the web, I found one of John W.’s children on Wikitree. Ollister A. (as the name was spelled in the 1861 census for Brunswick Parish in Queens Co., NB) – who I thought was either a Holister or an Allister – is an Allister Alexander. It turns out he had moved to Nova Scotia, possibly by way of Maine, which is why he had disappeared. Through the source material referenced in the profile, I was able to find his death certificate. It gave another clue, his father’s middle name, Wallace. David A. Taylor’s first child was named Wallace. It also gave Rachel’s maiden name – Price – another boon (after much discussion on the NB genealogy Facebook group).

Section of Allister's death certificate showing his parents names.
Section of Allister’s death certificate showing his parents names.

There are not many Wallace Taylors before John’s birth date but there were the well-loved ministers of the James Wallace family. Deacon David Wallace’s daughter Julia did marry a John Stone Taylor but I haven’t yet looked into that family in any real way. John Wallace presided over John and Susannah’s marriage. All of this is still circumstantial and undocumented.